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Play & Learn Program for Parents
Support your child's English at home

How can your child learn to speak, read and write in English? We know from experience that children learn much faster if they practice at home. 

Parents often tell us they don't know how to help their child to practice at home. 

This is why with our program
we empower you the parent or caregiver to teach your children English without any teaching experience, enabling you to give your children a lifetime gift.

Our Play & Learn program will show you how to help your child learn and practice English at home. We see huge advances in a child's development with a small amount of interaction each day. Our students go on to be at the top of their class at school, and excel in speech competitions. 

We give you games and tips from our many years of experience which can be played at home or on the go, in a bus, a car, traveling, and with anyone!

This program is totally available here on our website, you can watch the videos at your own pace over a 60 day period.  Optional downloads for printed materials are available.

This online learning package is available for any parents.  
EEK class enrolment is not required.


A self-paced online course

Be amazed at how quickly your child can learn when they are having fun


How does the program help you to support your child's English learning?

Games to
play anywhere

Keeps your
child's interest
Grows awareness
of surroundings
Encourages speaking 
Easy ways to practice grammar
Shows how to practice reading skills

What's in the program?


Play is the best way for you to bond with your young children. Our games teach vocabulary, phonic sounds and reading skills to be played anywhere.


You'll get answers to questions that many parents have asked us in our 13 years of experience

Play & Learn Program HKD$400.00

Who is this program for?

Parents: You will get a better understanding of the role of 'play' while learning.  Let's inject some fun into your child's learning.

Caregivers & domestic helpers: It's a useful skillset, and even better when your child's daily interactions are interesting and consistent.

Grandparents: discover new ways to play with your grandchildren and help them to appreciate the world around them.


What the parents are saying:

As a native English speaker, I was impressed the most with the way this program explained the types of words and grammar that children need to learn and how to help them with this

With the English Program, I got lots of ideas on improving my daughter Emma's English.  I can use the activities anytime and anywhere, even when we are waiting for the bus.  Emma loves the game I SPY most, and she learns to pay attention to all of her surroundings

This English Program is very help for children, because they can learn while having fun and children have more opportunity to speak English

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