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Play & Learn Program Support your Child's English

  • 60Days
  • 17Steps


This self-paced program offers a fun and interactive ideas to engage with your child so that they can practice their English, phonics and grammar. It is made for all children, with the best results when starting from 1-4 years old. Research and experience show that consistent practice is the most effective way to learn a new language. Taught by Angela Comer-Lam, who has been teaching young children and coaching parents for over 20 years. In this 12 step program, you'll learn games, tips and fun ways to play with your child, the best way to support your child to learn English. All games are designed to be played while out and about, or with things you have in the house. For those short on time, we also offer activity sets, these are linked in the programs. Remember, if your child is having fun, they are learning.

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Play & Learn Program Support your Child's English

Play & Learn Program Support your Child's English

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