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Angela Comer-Lam

I am passionate about young children learning in a fun way.  

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Online Play & Learn Program

This program has been specifically written to empower bilingual parents and/or caregivers to teach their children English without any teaching experience, enabling them to give their children a lifetime gift.

The aim is to give information in a simple and understandable way that enables them to help their child/children with their English Language learning. 

This first course is aimed at children from 1 to 5 years old. 

The first course has 2 sections:

Games – these are mainly aimed at younger children. Clear instructions on how to play all the games are given.  The games will help you to help your children learn and reinforce phonics, learn vocabulary and go on to learn the lifelong skills needed for reading.  The games do not need any special equipment.

Tips and information – this section includes the answer to many questions I have been asked repeatedly about how to help your child learn at home.  The tips are about children, their development, and how we as caregivers/parents can help.

Learning outcomes of this program

This program will give parents and caregivers the confidence to help their children with their English Language learning in a fun and interactive way. Our aim is that by the end of this program you will have the knowledge of games and ideas that you can play anywhere to help your child learn English, whether this is as a first or second language.  We endeavor to give information in easy and understandable ways. If you implement these simple games into your everyday time with your children you will see how quickly they start to learn English.

Who and how can it help?



Have you ever wished your child was not just put in front of a screen for long periods of time?

Do you spend money on extra activities and travel in the hope your child learns more?

How would you like your child to learn at home in a safe and comfortable environment or just have what they are learning reinforced in a fun interactive way?

Our program of short videos will give your caregiver the confidence and knowledge they need to play games and teach your child simple grammar concepts in a fun and interactive way.   Your child will learn without even knowing it.  It’s a win- win.

Stay-at-Home Mums/Parents:

Do you sometimes get tired and do not know how to teach your child? 

Are you looking for new simple ideas for playing and teaching them?

We can help! Our program of short voice messages’, will give you ideas of games you can play with your little ones.   Our messages will explain ways to teach them early phonic awareness, new vocabulary, and how to start blending to read, and give you games you can play to reinforce the concepts as well as general tips on children’s learning.

Home Schooling Communities:

Do you home-school your children or are you thinking about it?

Do you want to inject some fun into your children’s learning?

Do you want some ideas for games that can be played anywhere?

We can help you.  Our simple videos can be watched in a few minutes, at your own time over a 60 day period.  We will give you ideas of games you can play that are fun and educational. 

Our program explains ways to teach them early phonic awareness, new vocabulary and how to start blending to read and give them games you can play to reinforce the concepts as well as general tips on children’s learning.


Remember if your child is having fun they are learning

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