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At Easy English for Kids, or EEK, We offer in-person private and group tuition in English for children aged 1-11. We want for children to have fun while they are learning. 

We also offer simple resources for parents & caregivers, to encourage and expand their child’s learning. 
We tailor each program to the needs of the children involved. When we group a class, we do so by ability and not age. 

About Easy English For Kids

Language Tuition

How we teach

We concentrate on teaching young children phonics and how to use phonic skills to read and write. Once this skill has been mastered, we move on to teaching grammar, reading comprehension and writing skills.  We also encourage and practice communication skills.


Our English Tuition has been in demand to improve written and general English skills, as well as pronunciation and articulate reading skills. This prepares your child for popular speech competitions that are held in Hong Kong.  Our past students have been placed in their respective competitions. Many of the children we teach go on to become the top of their classes and years during school.

One of our students receiving the Silver Award for English in Year 1 of Primary School.

kaitlyn silver award for english.jpg

The Curriculum

We use the Jolly Phonics program for teaching phonics to young children.


Jolly Phonics is a recognised learning program developed in the United Kingdom. It has expanded and is now delivered globally in learning centers and schools.


Jolly Phonics is a proven method used to teach the phonetic sounds of letters in an enjoyable, multisensory way.  The objective is to develop a solid foundation for the child to read and write.


Once the child grasps the sounds of the letters, he or she then has the skills to logically sound words out independently.  Then we are able to explore and expand the horizons through the written word.

The course is supported by Jolly Phonics material. There are also resources available for parents to support their child’s learning at home. click here

We focus on five basic skills for reading and writing:

1.    Learning the letter sounds

2.    Learning the letter formation

3.    Blending

4.    Identifying sounds in words

5.    Spelling the tricky words


Classes for students in N to K3, P1 to P3, and P4 to P6 are available.


To find out more about our courses and the Jolly Phonics program please reach out to us

Meet Our Teacher

Angela Comer-Lam
Easy English for Kids founder and principal teacher.

Angela is originally from the UK, has two grown children and has lived in Hong Kong since 2005. Her husband is originally from Sai Keng Village. 
Angela is a native English speaker who is passionate about teaching young children in a way that keeps them engaged for best results.
After a few years of teaching, she established EEK in 2008 to provide a space for children to have fun while they learn.
Over the years she has seen and proven how this enjoyment has a positive effect on their learning.  (read more on our about page)

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