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If your child is just beginning to learn words and sounds this pack is the one for you.  You will be able to spend quality time with your child playing so they learn.  This pack has everything you need to start your child on their English Phonics journey.


The Guide

The a-z guide is 17 pages of fully detailed games and ways you can interact with your child in a fun way so they are learning as they play. 

The guide includes instructions on how to play 8 games with the letters to help your child learn English in a fun and interative way.

This guide goes together with the a-z printable pages. 


The Printables

This pack includes 17 pages of fun.

All the letters from a-z in a variety of  sizes for you to print and play, with your child. 

It includes printable game boards for playing Bingo along with the calling cards with a difference. 

A variety of crossword boards for your children to play with and start to blend and read words. 

There  are Mastery certificates for your and your child.



a - z Activity Pack Guide and Printables

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