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Repeat, Repeat, Repeat!!!! Why consistency is King....

As with anything that we want to

learn or want our children to learn the most important thing is consistency.

Now was does this word "consistency" mean - in terms of learning it means doing the same thing every time. This can be with teaching them an academic subject or just teaching them discipline and what is right and wrong.

Imagine if you are trying to teach your child to sit at the table to eat their dinner, on Monday you make a big issue that they must sit, eat and finish their dinner before they go off to do anything else. They complain about this but you stick to your guns and make them do it, then on Tuesday they remember that this is what they have to do, complain a little bit, but then sit at the table eat, then go and play. On Wednesday, you are feeling tired and stressed, the child picks up on this and complains making a big fuss about sitting at the table, you don't feel like getting into a battle with them, so you let them eat in front of the TV. You got the job done of feeding your child, so you are happy. Then Thursday comes around and you are feeling better, so today you say to your child you have to sit at the table and eat, but your child does not want to as yesterday they did not have to, they complain and complain, but you stick by your guns which makes the dinner time stressful and unpleasant.

What went wrong? You have given your child mix messages, one day you want them to sit at the table and the next it is ok not too, they do not understand why they can not always do what they want. To get results in discipline or getting your child to do as you ask them, consistency is KING. You have to decide what you want you child to do and get them to always do this, it make take a few weeks, but if you are consistent the child gets the message about what is expected of them instead of getting confusing messages of one day you can do and one day you can not.

The other important thing about being consistent is that all caregivers of the child do the same thing, so Dads, Helpers, Grandparents, this will make the life of the child much calmer and your life much easier in the long run.

Consistency is also KING when it comes to learning, have you ever tried to learn a second

language, you know you have to practise regularly, as once a week going to classes does not cut it. Well the same is true for children and their learning, we know your child may do English each day at school for a short time and maybe you send them to extra lessons once a week, but then you question why are they not learning. What they need is short bursts at home too, maybe at school they are shy in a class of 25 children. Did you know you can give them confidence in just 15 minutes a day by playing games to reinforce their English and give them the confidence to speak out, yes just 15 minutes a day but everyday, this is the consistency. Imagine how well you could have done at that second language if you had done a little everyday.

Give it a go and see how it goes, we would love to hear how it goes and if you are stuck of how to play so your child learns at home have a look at our Support for parents program, drop us a message or book a free online chat where we will try to answer your questions.

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