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Tuition Class

We offer tutorial classes which are taught by Native English speakers

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Toy Shop

Discover all our toys that can be built, crafted, and played with. Let your imagination run wild.

How did we start?

EEK was born in 2009, when Angela our owner and teacher worked at a local Hong Kong kindergarten and saw a need for young children to play more. Thus the idea of teaching them through play came about and EEK was started.

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Our Services

Learn through Play
Children can learn to make sense of the world through play.
Love and Care
We provide a loving and caring environment for all our students.
Toys and Games
Toys and games at our center provide a learning opportunity.
Education Service
We pride ourselves on providing education in a fun interactive way.
Physical Activity
We encourage all our children to move around and keep active.

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Want to get more information about our learning center or would like to see it inside, feel free to schedule a trial class.

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