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Once you child has learnt all the single phonic sounds you can continue the fun journey with our CVC word guide and printables.  The printable include really photos for all the words included, plus game boards and full instructions on how to play.


The Guide

17 Pages of fun ways to play with your child so they learn

Full instructions on how to use the printables for this section. 

Full instructions on how to play 10 different games with them.


The Printables for a, e, i, o, u

These are individual printable packs for each vowel sound

Contained in each Pack

  • upto 54 pages of resources
  •  consenant, vowel, consenant (cvc) words for each vowel.
  • All words have a picture of a real image.
  •  Words and pictures are in easy to see sqaures.
  •  7 game boards for you to play with your child
  •  8 puzzle pages
  • Unique calling cards for the bingo game
  • 2 certificate pages


Short vowel sounds The Guide and Printables

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