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Eiffel Tower in a Tin Yes, you did read it correctly – are you up for the challenge?

Scale the heights of fame by successfully constructing the Eiffel Tower with this intricate project to build a 40cm replica of France’s famous landmark.

It will take skill and the 150 metal/plastic components (approx) crammed into the tin to complete the project but with 2 tools, assembly instructions and fact/quiz sheets all provided, it’s a rewarding undertaking for kids and adults alike.


Contents:150 metal/plastic components (approx), 2 tools, fact/quiz and assembly sheets.

Adult supervision recommended.

Recommended Age: 8+


The build series encourages children to make something themselves, they learn to follow the detailed instructions, learning how important it is to follow each step in order. They feel a sense of achievement of having something they have made themselves. They can use what they have built to play with, which aids in a child’s development. One child said “it was so much fun to make this with Dad and I learnt to use a screwdriver.”

Tins are 90% plastic free'

Eiffel Tower in a Tin

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