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Dreaming about life on the road? Well now you can !


Follow the step-by-step instructions to build your very own cool camper van from over 300 parts! Complete with seats and headlights. 


Tin size 14.5x10.5x5.4cm

Assembled model 16.5x10x9cm


Contents:Metal and plastic construction pieces, screwdriver, spanner and instructions.


The build series encourages children to make something themselves, they learn to follow the detailed instructions, learning how important it is to follow each step in order. They feel a sense of achievement of having something they have made themselves. They can use what they have built to play with, which aids in a child’s development. One child said “it was so much fun to make this with Dad and I learnt to use a screwdriver.”

Tins are 90% plastic free'



Camper Van Construction Kit

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