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Gift of the Year winner 2012.

Train set in a Tin is a huge success in the Gift in a Tin range. This wonderful train set is great fun for adults and children alike and guaranteed to be a hit with everyone.

The assembled track makes an oval approximately 56cm x 26cm.

After use it neatly packs away in this storage tin.

Also available in a larger set at Great Railway Express


Contents:Wild West Style Train with 3 carriages (coal truck, passenger truck, long truck)6 curved pieces of track.6 straight pieces of track.

Requires one AA battery – not supplied.


Not suitable for children younger than 3 years old (choking hazard)


The Learn and Play tins encourage children to pretend play, which can aid in a child’s development of communication skills, cognitive development and relationship building. They encourage storytelling and imaginative play which gives children the opportunity to develop speech and language skills as well as listening skills. Play also helps to promote the development of social skills.  When children play together or with their parents they learn how relationships work. Children love to listen to us as parents use the tins to make up stories, and then play and make up their own stories with the Learn and Play series of tins.'


Train Set in a Tin

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