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Build an amazing Natural History Museum Dipoldocus with our Dippy Model.


“Dippy the Diplodocus” has been on display at the Natural History Museum since 1905. Diplodocus were one of the largest animals that ever lived.


Follow step by step instructions to build a model of the world’s most famous dinosaur.

Assembled from over 60 wooden pieces, the finished model is approximately 46cm long.

Sales of this product support the Natural History Museum in keeping its doors open to the public.


Once you've finished building have a read through the amazing dinosaur fact cards! The Natural History Museum range, including Dippy the Diplodocus and Tyrannosaurus rex, won the licensed product category for the Gift of the Year Awards 2018. 


Contents: Wooden model parts, glue, dinosaur fact cards and instructions. FSC wood is used in this product.


Recommended age: 6+

Adult help may be required.


The build series encourages children to make something themselves, they learn to follow the detailed instructions, learning how important it is to follow each step in order. They feel a sense of achievement of having something they have made themselves. They can use what they have built to play with, which aids in a child’s development. One child said “it was so much fun to make this with Dad and I learnt to use a screwdriver.”

Tins are 90% plastic free'

Natural History Museum - Dippy the Diplodocus

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