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Sew a giraffe.This model like our others comes with a premade giraffe, you just have to fluff the stuffing and stuff him, then sew up his back following the pre punched holes with the plastic needle and thread provided.

A great introduction to sewing for young children, and what pride they will feel to have finished off their own toy.

Finish off this lovely soft premade giraffe, stuff him and sew up his back.

Plastic needle so safe even for young children.'


The craft series are mainly sewing projects. They can be done with children around 4 years old, with adult help, as they just need to stuff the premade toy and then sew it up using the plastic safety needle provided. Oh what joy to have a soft toy you have brought to life yourself! These tins introduce sewing to children in an easy and safe way; you can look at the instructions together and work through the stages with your child. One child told us “I really enjoyed sewing this up with my mum, it taught me how to sew, and I used the tin as the house for my toy.”

Tins are 90% plastic free'

George the Giraffe

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