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Be your very own Super Hero with this fun costume in a tin.

Dress up in this fun costume to become a superhero or heroine. Head off to fantasy land, can you save the world?

Don’t forget your ID card!


Contents:Superhero mask, cape and cuffs, identity card and stickers.'


The Learn and Play tins encourage children to pretend play, which can aid in a child’s development of communication skills, cognitive development and relationship building. They encourage storytelling and imaginative play which gives children the opportunity to develop speech and language skills as well as listening skills. Play also helps to promote the development of social skills. When children play together or with their parents they learn how relationships work. Children love to listen to us as parents use the tins to make up stories, and then play and make up their own stories with the Learn and Play series of tins.

Tins are 90% plastic free'      

Be a Superhero

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