Unique Gift for Special Occasions

  We have been featured in The Ultimate Hong Kong Christmas Gift Guide 2018 by the HK hub. We are very excited about our new word art product. Word arts are a great way to send something special to loved ones. We have some generic ones we have designed and printed up for sale on […]

Where to find us this year for Christmas Shopping

      As Christmas fast approaches, I know most of us don’t like to think about it so early, but getting organised early is better than you think, no more last minute rushing for presents. We have something for everyone at EEK with our Gift in a Tin range, this year we even have […]

Toy of the Week – Party Bags

This blog is for those of you that are planning or have birthday parties coming up.  Do you want a bag that is reusable and more environmentally friendly than the usually party bags?  Look no further…..we have the answer…… Our party bags are a take on the old school shoe bag (for those of you […]

DIY Paint for Kids

DIY PaintHave you ever had trouble finding child friendly paint, I know I have especially here in Hong Kong. While looking around all the wonderful sites available here on the internet, we found the answer…… Make Your Own………..”but how do we get all the fancy ingredients?” I hear you all ask, well that’s the great […]

DIY Coloured Sand

Do your children pester you to do this activity when they see it? or Maybe you are looking for an activity to do at an upcoming birthday party? Here it is “make your own coloured sand”  you could either save some small empty bottles or pick some up in the $10 shop. It is so […]

Handprint Art

We have been over to Paging Fun Mums again and have found this great activity.  Handprint Art. We think it would make a wonderful present and keep sake for Grandparents or Aunts and Uncles, make the picture and find a cool frame to put it in.  Much easier than trying to do the plaster of […]

Parenting Tip – Password your children

This week’s mid-week blog post comes courteous of www.facebook.com/hollyandeddie This had been shared by a friend via Facebook and although I have already shared it on EEK Facebook site, I thought it was so important and so simple I wanted to share again via our blog site. As parents we all know how important it is to […]

Parenting Tip – Toddler Tantrums…..Ways to Deal

I remember these days, laying on the supermarket floor refusing to move, arching their back so you can not strap them into the buggie! Now they are teenagers the tantrums just come in different forms.  Learning how to deal with them when they are toddlers, I think still works when they are teenagers, maybe. I […]

Parenting Tip – Red Flags for Speech and Language Development

I have just come across this article thanks to Toddler Approved who have lots of interesting articles and activities for toddlers. This particular article is so important for us mum’s as I know we all worry about our children’s development, are they doing things the same as your friends children, can they do this or that yet, […]