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Easy English for Kids

‘How we started’ Easy English for Kids – was born in 2009, when Angela our owner and teacher worked at a local Hong Kong kindergarten and saw a need for young children to play more. Thus the idea of teaching them through play came about and EEK was started.

Classrooms and more

‘Our Facilities’ Classrooms and more – we are lucky at EEK to have an outside play area for the children with slides, swing, see-saw, cars and a playhouse. We have a large room with a soft floor for even the youngest of children to play without worry. We have a wide selection of toys, all of which have been hand-picked to ensure our students get maximum learning from their time with us. We also have a separate teaching class room for older students and smaller tutorial groups.


Our Classes’ Playgroup – we see our playgroup not only as an introduction to learning English in a warm and enjoyable setting, but also as a stepping stone for children to become accustomed to being away from their main carer, making the transition to school easier.


Phonics – we teach phonics using the well proven Jolly Phonic system which offers an holistic way to learning phonics for young children. We teach through song, actions, games and books making sure to cater to every type of learner. We then take the phonic system on teaching children how to use phonics for reading and writing. We encourage our children to start reading and writing words after learning only the first 6 sounds.


Tutorials – we teach a wide range of ages in our tutorial classes and tailor make each class to suit our student’s needs, we try to promote free writing with the students as we have found over the years that this is something that is lacking in the local school curriculum, we also encourage speaking and talking throughout all our lessons.

Our Owner and Teachers

Our Owner and Teacher Angela Comer-Lam: I have been living in Hong Kong with my family for 14 years now, my two children are in their late teens and have flown the nest to pursue further education in the UK, where we are from. As you may guess my husband is Chinese and indigenous to Hong Kong. We live a quiet life in our village enjoying many of the local Chinese customs and festivals together.

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