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Parenting Tips - DIY Baby Keepsake

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Valentines Day is coming

This week we thought we would share a great craft idea with you on our Wednesday Blog Post.

Are you looking for an original present to give to loved ones?  Maybe one that does not cost a fortune or feed the commercial side of Valentines Day.

We have the solution....as we are always on the lookout for new craft ideas to do with little ones, we came across this great article for a DIY Baby or Child Keepsake, (from Paging Fun Mums) in fact this idea is so good you could do one every year and see how they grow.  We also think this is much easier than using the traditional plaster of paris, especially if like me, yours starts to set before you have got their hand or foot print in it.

Please click on the picture to open the full instructions in a new page, this recipe is from Paging Fun Mums.

DIY Baby Keepsake - Using homemade clay

We would love to see pictures of ones you make, please share on our Facebook Page.

We hope you have fun making this and getting creative with the decoration.

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Parenting Tips - 10 Fast Family Dinners

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Playgroup 19th to 23rd January 2015

Another week has gone by at EEK playgroup, this week with our art work we have let the children use their imagination and create pictures.  On Tuesday the children glued different medium to paper and on Wednesday they did a creative painting together on one large piece of paper, which is now decorating our wall. [...]

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Playgroup 12th to 16th January 2015

This week at playgroup has been about Hibernation.  We have learnt how some animals eat all through the warmer months of Spring, Summer and Autumn and then sleep all through the cold months of Winter.  We have looked at some of the animals that do this, which this weeks art work reflects.You could try some [...]

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Playgroup 5th to 9th January 2015

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Toy of the Week - Special FX Kit

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Playgroup 8th to 12th September 2014

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Toy of the Week - Magnetic Calendar

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